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Asphalt Repairs

Best Commercial Asphalt Repair Provider in Michigan 

Serving Wayne, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Livingston Counties

While asphalt is a durable, long-lasting material, damage from the elements and everyday use will eventually occur in any lot or drive. If caught quickly, you can significantly increase the lifespan of your asphalt paving by having regular repairs performed. While these repairs are not a long-term solution, they can help put off a more expensive resurfacing or replacement while keeping your property safe. Our Canton, MI, team of paving professionals can help you understand the extent of the damage and get your property back to a safe place for your visitors.

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How to Know When You Need Asphalt Repairs

Some damage to asphalt surfaces is readily apparent. Potholes, crumbling, and rippling are all dangerous trip hazards to people and potentially damaging to vehicles as well. These are issues that need to be remedied quickly to keep your property safe. However, other severe and less noticeable problems may be putting your paving at future risk. Pooling water, spider-webbed cracks, and fading are all signs of more extensive and more expensive issues. If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, contact us today for a free consultation. We have helped southeast Michigan businesses extend the lifespan of their lots. Our team can quickly assess the situation and get to work protecting your investment.

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When Tackling an Asphalt Repair Experience Matters

When it comes to commercial and industrial asphalt paving, issues that seem minor may result from larger problems unseen below the surface. When hiring a asphalt paving contractor to address issues, you need to be sure that they can assess the situation correctly and take the right steps to fix them. S&J Asphalt Paving Company has over four decades of asphalt repair and understands the root cause behind paving damage. Our experience allows us to correct our customer's problems the first time and keeps their looking better and lasting longer.

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A Reputation Built on Delivering Exceptional Service
“Top shelf company! Crews show up on time as scheduled. Work done professionally. Just finished our Condo complex of 120,000 square feet. Mark is great to work with on planning and oversight of the job. Patching, new speed bumps, crack filling, sealcoat and parking stripes and it looks new!” 5 star rating Robert Piech, Shiawassee Condos